Hypothyroidism And Fatigue

Hypothyroidism and fatigue may seem to be two totally separate issue but in actually they go hand in hand. An inactive thyroid is caused by the thyroid glands inability to produce and release enough thyroid stimulating hormones into the body. Hypothyroidism is a disease that strikes millions of people around the world every day. The thyroid is the gland that is critical to the bodys metabolic function. The major symptom of an underactive thyroid is fatigue.

Although hypothyroidism and fatigue symptoms resulting from it goes together, many doctors do not test for it right away. They are more apt to look to other possibilities fatigue first. A doctor may dismiss symptoms of a thyroid disorder such as fatigue as part of the aging process or advise the patient to reduce the stress in their lives. To the person who is suffering from hypothyroidism and fatigue that goes with it will find it to be debilitating. Normal activities of daily living can be too overwhelming to complete.

Medical researchers and drug companies are developing new medications everyday to combat the effects of thyroid disorder and ease the fatigue. It is important that your doctor knows every type of medication that you are taking in order to prevent drug interactions and side effects. There are medications on the market today, both prescription and herbal such as Thyromine and Alvidar have eased the suffering of those who are afflicted with the fatigue caused by low thyroid function.

If you choose to use herbal remedies for hypothyroidism and fatigue resulting from it, it is important that you that you understand the underlining cause of an under active thyroid such as stress,iodine deficiency, hormonal imbalances, or failure of the pituary gland. Because the best thyroid treatment is to treat the cause.

A hypoactive thyroid can develop at anytime and is indiscriminate as to whom it strikes. Studies have shown that women are more likely to develop this disease than men are. Although it is very rare, hypoactive thyroid can occur in children. If your child has hypothyroidism and fatique is one of the symptoms, please report this to your pediatrician because this can affect his ability to function normally at school and in other social environments. It is important that you report any changes in your childs health, especially the presence of fatigue, and to make sure that they have their yearly physicals.

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