Reflexology for Thyroid Disease

Reflexology for Thyroid Disease
You may be able to help your thyroid work correctly with the help of Reflexology. Reflexology is something you can do yourself to help yourself.


The Thyroid is a very important functioning part of the body it is the control center for our bodies metabolism. If your thyroid is not working correctly then you can loose weight or gain weight for
no apparent reason. If you have had an unexplained gain or unexplained lose in weight then it could be that your thyroid is giving you some trouble. You may have a thyroid that is not working enough or it could be your thyroid is working overtime. You may be able to help your thyroid work correctly with the help of Reflexology. Reflexology is something you can do yourself to help yourself.

Reflexology is the focus of the physical body. It can help to relieve pain and tension from your body by using signal points that activate certain parts of your body. These signal points are called activation zones that are activated with massage. Reflexology can help you to relax and it can give you more energy if you are feeling tired.

Reflexology is a homeopathic medicine. You can do reflexology to help your thyroid by yourself with a simple massage on your hands and feet that you can do in the privacy of your own home.

Reflexology for the thyroid is surprisingly simple to do. You can find the reflexology activation zone for your thyroid on the base of your right thumb. Take your left thumb and massage the base of your right thumb in a counter-clockwise direction. Use a rolling method with your left thumb as you massage.

You also have a reflexology zone for your thyroid on your right foot. The thyroid zone on your right foot is the top and bottom of your right foot along the base of your big toe and the toes next to the big toe. Massage the thyroid zone on your right foot by starting at the base if the big toe and massaging to the third toe on the bottom of the foot. Then massage the top of the foot starting at the base of the big toe and working to the third toe.

When you massage you should use a creeping technique. The creeping technique is when you use the edge of your thumb to do the massaging. Massage slowly and easily as you move along the zones.

Reflexology is an alternative medicine that can be tried with medication or without. You should ask your doctor first before stopping any medications.

Try to massage your thyroid zones every day and see if you get any results. If you would like to find out more information on reflexology for your thyroid you can go on the net to
/how_2155244_locate-reflexology-thyroid-zone.html. This site will tell you how to massage and where to massage your thyroid zones.


  1. Thyroid disease is common. My hypothyroidism causes fatigue and depression. It is very annoying. I'm glad there is natural thyroid for my illness.

    1. Ingrid Mac
      Wilma, I've got subclinical hypotyreoism. My symptoms are dry skin, dry and falling out hair, sometimes feeling cold, low body temperature. I am not tired, I can't sleep.
      I don't think there is a natural thyroid for this illness, it is a synthetic drug which can alleviate you symptoms, but can't treat you, don't be mistaken!
      There is one cure called Pumpkin seed oil with organic iodine, but 250 ml bottle costs 50 euros. Go on Google:Fortuna vitae, and you can find out more...
      Good luck!

  2. i have done a 3 day detox which helped alot,, but still trying to eat raw foods 2litres of bottled water and juicing raw food especially half a bag of spinach of which is full of iodine,, i am still breathless very cold and tired argumentative and suffering from a serious case of riad rage!! haha, gott make some light!! i am also having restless feet,, am not going to take medication but would like sone help naturally any please, i di martial arts and very fit but have stopped as i'm si breathless on exertion n exhausted at times! lynn

  3. My restless leg problems disappeared completely by taking magnesium supplements.